She can Shoot better than than a Comanche Warrior


Katniss stole the heart of the young boy named Peeta would you really want to break the heart of two young love birds. If you give Katniss some water she wont die form dehydration, because if Katniss does die, and Peeta is the winner of the Hunger Games. He is just going to be a rich lonely old man with out his true love Katniss


Katniss is a fighter believe me she can shoot the eye squirrel, she even had the nerve to try and stab me on the way to the capital She got an eleven on her training I don't even believe that number made Hunger Games history


Katniss is the girl on fire. She had a spectacular entrance to the holding place, but if you are not into how awesome she looked think about this she can make you tons of money. Why, Because little girls in the capital are going to want to dress like that being on fire but not getting burned. For Halloween people would want to be something new so why not try being on fire. All it will take is for you to sponsor Katniss and not let her die in The Hunger Games.