Wind Warrior

To power part of the school on wind power!

Part A (Adam)

-We would need to change

-Store the power for a rainy day in the south campus

- Add the wind turbines

- have people install them

Are product

-we are buying two SunSurfs turbines.

-we are paying workers to implant them

-it is for are school

Part B (Adam)

Once we have everything

- we would hire somebody to put it in

- get permission from Ms Frosey and Coppell isd

- all we would have to maintain it is implant the the turbines and its ready.

-if a wind turbine were to break we would have to hire somebody to fix it it would cost about $100,000

Part C (Cameron)


-Brand SunSurfs

-cost $1,070,000

-Implant $105,000

-Totaled cost $1,175,000

We would raise money from sponsors donation and fundraising. Example is we can have bake sale.

The base line usage for half of a middle school is 10,000 dollars for about a month.

It would only take 117 months to catch up! Then we would be saving $666 a month!

Part D (Jake)


-Green energy source

-Renewable, we can't run out



-Wind cannot be predicted

-Threat to wildlife


In conclusion it would be worth to save more electricity.