First Comes Love

Katie Kacvinsky

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You never know how much someone can change you..


The book is about a guy named Gray and a girl named Dylan. Dylan comes to Phoenix for a photography class. Dylan isn't like most girls, she's very different and odd. One day Gray sees Dylan taking pictures of the sidewalk, he thought she was very weird from that point on. Next thing you know Dylan is asking Gray for a ride home. She continuously puts herself in his life, he finds it very annoying. They end up going everywhere together and doing everything together as if they were dating. Dylan tries to break down down grays walls, he used to play baseball until his sister died in a car accident. She tries to help Gray's family as well. They all try to hide behind reality, Gray's dad is constantly on business meetings, his mom works herself to death. So Dylan feels like it's her job to fix Gray's family. Gray ends up playing baseball again and his old coach invites him to New Mexico to play on his team. Gray is rethinking this idea over and over again. He has an idea to take Dylan with him and get propose to her. She declines both questions. Dylan wants to travel the world and she can't do that living in someone else's dream. After months apart they end up hating each other until winter break. Gray goes back to Phoenix to spend it with his family and all of a sudden he gets a knock on his door and it's Dylan.


"i love you more than i've ever loved anyone. And wouldn't regret it."

Author of the book

Katie Kacvinsky,
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More about the auhor

She writes teen and new adult fiction books. First Comes Love was a finalist for the Oregon Book Award. She lives in Madison, Wisconsin with her husband and two children.

Why i chose this book..

I chose this book because the cover of it was so clean and it caught my eye when i saw it. When i read the back the book sounded very interesting and i wanted to read more.

My favorite part of the book..

My favorite part of the book was when Dylan and Gray became close and did everything together. They both just seemed so happy to be with each other.

In my opinion the book is..

The book is a very different type of love story and very interesting

Some reasons i liked/disliked the book..

i liked this book because Dylan was very helpful and supportive to Gray. She always put other people before her. 1 thing i didn't like about this book was that Gray was always negative and he had anger issues.

Overall rate..

10/10 because it showed how much of an impact one person an have on another and be thankful for who you have in your life.

It would be recommended for..

mostly teens, not so much children because of the profanity and explicit actions.
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Second Chance

Second chance is a part 2 from First Comes Love.