The Beatles

Obstacles to Fame

Where it started

The band was all born in Liverpool England in the 40's. They all started at the bottom in lower middle class family's. John Lennon and Paul McCartney where the first to meet on the afternoon of July 9 1957. they wanted to start a band and that's when gorge found them. they made a band in 1960 called the Beatles and there was no Ringo at the time their drummer was Pete Best until 1962 after Ringo left the hurricanes he came and drummed for the Beatles.
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Abbey Road

this is one of the most famous photos of The Beatles in their career and it is actually the cover of the last album they ever made together.

How they over came it

The Beatles started out very small and had to find a way to get out of the small venues and make a name for them selves. Even when there family members where putting them down and saying you have to get out of the career they wouldn't stop because they loved it so much. They finally got recognized by Gorge Martin and started to be known. for most of their time after that they just wanted to stay in England. Then they where convinced to go in an american talk show The Ed Sullivan Show. That's when they became the biggest band in the world at the time and Beatle mania rely took off.

The story of the Beatles and John Lennon

Jon was the main singer and guitarist and was almost the face of The Beatles (even though everyone knew what they all looked like). But even though he brought the Beatles up he also took them down. He was a big activist and when he found Yoko Ono he was in love with her even though the rest of the band didn't like her. Eventually they split up because of her. And even though John told them in September 1969 Paul told the the press on April 10th 1970. Witch is very impressive that the Beatles started as a small band in England just 10 years before they broke up and are now arguably called the best band of all time. Sadly just 10 years after they split up on December 8th 1980 John was shot and killed by mark David Chapman outside of The Dakota apartment building.