Hot Air Balloon

The Montgolfiere-Style

Experience the Ride of Your Life!!

The Montgolfier Brothers are offering rides in their brand-new HOT AIR BALLOONS!
Made of sackcloth with three thin layers of paper inside, reinforced with fish net cord, and held together with 1800 buttons, this magnificent invention can carry passengers 3,000 feet into the air!

"Take a Ride Over Versailles!"

Fly over Versailles, Paris, and many more beautiful areas!

How Can the hot air Balloon Benefit You?

Not only will all your friends be uber jealous, but you can experience this new way of transportation. The entertainment you receive will be exemplary! Just think of how this invention will, possibly, lead to more air travel, and someday, you could fly from one side of the world to another in as little as a few days!

Inventors-The Montgolfier Brothers

Joseph-Michel and Jacques-Etienne were born into a family of paper manufacturers in Annonay, France. While at work ,these brothers discovered that when heat was put under a paper bag, it rose. Out of this concept, they developed the Hot Air Balloon that you can take a ride in today!