The Fault In Our Stars

By John Green

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Hazel Grace, a 16-year-old teenager battling thyroid cancer that has spread to her lungs. She tries to live as normal of a life as she can and constantly worries of what will become of her parents after she dies. As her mother wishes, she attends a cancer patient support group where she meets Augustus Waters, a 17-year-old boy whose osteosarcoma caused him to lose a leg. Augustus is at the meeting supporting his friend Isaac who is battling eye cancer. Hazel and Augustus have an immediate bond. Hazel recommends him reading An Imperial Affliction. After reading the novel Augustus is extremely frustrated that there is not an ending so the two talk about it.

After a week Augustus tells Hazel that he has tracked down the authors assistance to start an email conversation. Van Houten, the author replies that he can only answer her questions in person. Hazel cannot go across the world to Amsterdam because of financial and medical reasons.

Augustus shares with Hazel that he still has his wish that needs to be granted from being a cancer patient. So Augustus gets 3 plane tickets for free to go to Amsterdam for him, Hazel, and Hazel’s mother. But Hazel has an episode where she can’t breath because of all of the fluid in her lungs so she is sent to ICU which questions whether she can fly all the way to Amsterdam. Will Hazel and Gus get together? Will they go to Amsterdam? There is a tragic heartbreaking death, but who died?


A Modern-American Suburban Town:This is the home of the Lancaster and the Waters family. This town goes unnamed in the book, though frequently described with neighborhoods, quiet roads, parks with densely wooded areas, an array of churches, and a small community college which Hazel attends.


The protagonists are Hazel Grace Lancaster and Augustus Waters and the antagonist is cancer. The secondary characters are Peter Van Houten, Isaac, and Mrs. Lancaster.


Love conquers all.

People should be happy with they choices they make, even if those choices hurt them.


I would recommend everybody who can understand the deep meaning behind things to read this book. It is beautiful, funny, fantastic, and captivating. The book will make you laugh, cry, and feel lots of emotions in between. The book discusses deep philosophical issues and really makes you think. The book The Fault In Our Stars is such a beautiful, funny, complex, emotional, and page-turning book.

Author Biography

John Green was born in Indianapolis, Indiana on August 24, 1977. Along with being an author, he is a YouTube vlogger with his brother Hank Green. Their channel the “Vlogbrothers” has over 6,000,000 subscribers as of November 30, 2014. John is married to Sarah Green and they have 2 children, Henry and Alice. In 2005 he published his first book Looking For Alaska, which stayed on the New York Times best seller list for seven years, a record and also earned the Michael L. Printz award in 2006. He published five books after that, An Abundance of Katherines(2006), Paper Towns(2008), The Fault in Our Stars(2012), and two collaboration books, Let it Snow: Three Holiday Romances(2008) and Will Grayson, Will Grayson(2010).

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