pay students for making good grades

By: Jahiem Green

pay students for making good grades

Claim 1

when you have star players who make the best plays and keep the team in the game you should pay the players money even if you don't want to you should

5 reasons to support my claim

1. Amount of time spent on athletics

athletes spent a lot of time getting yelled at for a simple mistake which brings down encouragement to win a game for the school , fans , and etc.

2. time out of class

athletes become die hard sports fans themselves and for them to be out of class for a coach to yell at them for a mistake at practice is just too much

3. NCAA is a cash cow

money that is paid to buy products because of athletes are not in the pockets of athletes when the out of pocket expense is already over 3,000 dollars

4. NCAA acts as an employer

NCAA acts as an employer but they don't act like the students are because in that type of chain link these student athletes are offering a service in exchange for compensation in which they aren't getting

5. lack of competition

NCAA has no competition when it comes to competing organizations so what are they supposed to do when they have to stay in school for at least 2 years at the minimum