All About Me

(Only about Silviana)


Well, I live with my mum, dad and my eldest brother. My mum doesn't work, bu my dad does. My eldest brother is in Year 9 and he has a laptop from school, which I'm not allowed to play with. The teacher said to my eldest brother, "You are not allowed to have internet access at home, because you might play games. You will only have internet access at school." And the teacher goes on and on with this long speech.

In the Past and in the Future

The most recent activity is when my Aunt and my niece came to visit me and my family. They came from Indonesia and are going back on he 21st of July. The OC test is coming on the 24th of July, and I'm still rubbish at division. Now that my friend, Caterina, taught me BODMAS, I felt quite happy.

Other Pictures