Outlook Nation


Why Outlook?

Garland ISD is in the process of migrating technology platforms from Novell to Microsoft Exchange Servers. The first chapter of this migration will come to end-users in the form of a new email system.

This transition will bring several benefits to staff, including:

  • Storage space - Up to 50 GB for emails and documents.
  • A cloud-based platform accessible from anywhere in the world.
  • Collaborative Microsoft Office tools - One Drive.
  • Microsoft Outlook for email communications.
  • Seamless integration of your district email with iOS and Android devices via native clients and apps.
  • Fewer passwords to remember: your network password will become your email password.
  • And more...


1. When will I be migrated?

As a general rule, most support services will be migrated during the month of April. Campuses will be migrated beginning with the last Monday of April, and throughout the month of May.

2. Will I have to complete any steps before being migrated?

It depends on each end-user: if you archived under GW, and you wish to preserve emails and attachments, the answer is yes. To learn how to complete the pre-migration steps click here. If you do not have an archive, or do not wish to preserve your archive (old emails), the answer is no.

3. Will Google Drive go away after Microsoft One Drive is available?

In short, no. All students and teachers have accounts in Google for Drive, Sites, Email and Calendaring. Google is simply an additional tool that can be utilized by staff, teachers and students to share files and collaborate.

4. Will I have access to my email through the web?

Yes; once migrated click here and enter your GISD credentials.

5. Will my GISD email address change?

No. It will remain the same.

6. Will my email password change?

Technically, yes. Practically, it will be easier to remember: after being migrated you will have one password for both, your email and computer (network) log-in.

7. Will I run out of space for emails like I do now?

No, you will have 50GB of storage space for emails and documents.

8. Will my emails be stored locally?

No, your emails will all be stored in a Microsoft Exchange Server (cloud service).

9. Will my contacts and calendar information migrate automatically?

Yes. Although some minor "drag-and-dropping" may need to take place in your new Outlook address book, we will have plenty of support on-site the day of your scheduled migration to help with the process.

10. Will my calendar migrate properly?

The success rate of calendar migrations so far is 99%. Although we may face minor glitches with a small percentage of accounts, your GroupWise data will be preserved in case migration errors occur and re-migration protocols are required for specific users.

11. Will my data be safe until I am 100% certain I have all of my emails, contacts and calendar items in Outlook?

Yes. See answer to question number 10.

12. Will my current GroupWise items (emails and folders) migrate to Outlook?


13. How will the technology department support end-users?

  • Outlook support teams will be on-site during migration days.
  • We are currently building a comprehensive database of online documentation.
  • Classes will be offered in the short-term.
  • Self-paced training is being made available.

14. Why do we have a migration calendar instead of migrating all users in one weekend like other organizations/school districts have?

Two reasons: 1) Our goal is to become true servant leaders in technology, focusing on the growth of others; therefore, it is crucial to support end-users to the best of our abilities on-site as migrations take place. 2) The way our technology platforms are designed and operate determines that end-users archive in different locations. The variety of archive locations prevents us from reaching email archives to migrate them remotely from technology.

15. What should I expect the day of migration?

You will login to a different platform to access your email. Learn how here.

There will also be Outlook support teams on-site to assist.

16. Can I access GroupWise after being migrated to Outlook?

To preserve fidelity of your new email, refrain from logging back into your GroupWise account after your migration to Outlook has been completed. Note: GroupWise access will be disabled 10 days following migration.

17. Will I have access to my Outlook email through my device(s)?
Yes, 99% of devices are supported with an app or a native client.

18. Do we have a library of resources for new Outlook users?

Yes. Click here.