America in the 1930's

Is Music and Dancing changing the world?


America is in distress. People are losing jobs, money, their homes, and everything they have. But during these rough times, people have something to smile about. Music!

What kind of music is in store

Jazz is the first to come. Followed by rag time, and awesome swing styles. And amazing voices singing Jazz and blues. This amazing music gave entertainment to struggling people, and a brake from everyday life. For a moment, people could forget about about the depressing life.

Movies With Music

Movies with sound are out! Also know as talkies. Many composers are writing for movies and Broadway musicals, or movie musical. These shows will provide a lift from your stress, and will make you want to dance and sing along. So go out and see one of the newest films, like Annie or The Wizard of Oz
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The Ultimate Genera


Jazz is growing more and more. It makes culture where ever it goes. Its a unique musical art form of American culture. Its a great way to let the big bands show what they can really do. Amazing voices and instruments are included in this genera. Dixieland Jazz has a unique style and structure that many people love. They call it Hot Jazz or Early Jazz.


Come out, and dance around to the newest songs of the time. Come join a dance marathon. Bring your partner and dance. Couples can compete and win cash money. So go out and have a fun time.

A Few Of The Dances