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May 2019

Principal’s Message

Is it May already? Where has the year gone? As a few more of our Third Graders work to complete the state assessment, the NJ SLA, I am reminded that the end of the 2018-2019 school year is rapidly approaching.

Please make sure to mark your calendars and check your child’s take home folder throughout these remaining weeks of school! They will come quickly! May 6th through May 10th draws attention to our dedicated teaching staff and school health professionals, as it is a national day of recognition for both. To demonstrate our appreciation for their services, the PTO is providing lunch on that day. An email was sent home via School Messenger with ways that your child can show their appreciation for their teacher’s efforts.

Mark your calendars for the evening of May 22nd, for our annual Spring Concert. Third Grade students, under the direction of Mrs. Linda Lorenz, will be performing the spring musical, Breman Town Jam. Student art work will also be displayed.

Project ACES - All Children Exercise Simultaneously will be celebrated on May 8th as students gather on the front lawn with their peer buddies to exercise together.

As the weather begins to get warmer, please have your child dress in an appropriate manner. Student clothing should promote thoughtful choices (please refer to the Parent/Student Handbook for further information). Proper footwear should also be worn. The dress and grooming code is not meant to be restrictive, but is intended to guide students and their parents/guardians in choosing clothing that is safe and appropriate to wear in school. Students are expected to observe basic standards of cleanliness, modesty, and good grooming.

May 24th is an early dismissal day, followed by Memorial Day that Monday, when school is closed.

Hopefully, this newsletter will be out prior to one more important event this month, Mother’s Day. We at Cold Springs School would like to wish all mothers, grandmothers and maternal guardians a very Happy Mother’s Day!

Until next month,

Mrs. Kessler, Principal

Cold Springs School


"Citizenship" as defined by the character of an individual viewed as a member by society; behavior in terms of the duties, obligations and functions of a citizen.

Jaide and Corinne Interview Mr. DiPatri


Our top fundraisers were presented with "Hero Squad" t-shirts from Pennies for Patients. Again, we would like to thank everyone for giving!


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Ms. Gurcsik's News

Getting Ready for Kindergarten

It is spring and soon the preschool four-year-old students will be going to kindergarten. Moving from preschool to kindergarten is a big transition. In order to prepare the children, the preschool teachers have a transition plan in place that includes a kindergarten buddy class, a tour of the “big school”, a tour of the cafeteria, and playing on the “big” playground. As we help the children with the transition at school, there are some things you can do at home.

Here are ten easy tips for getting your child ready for kindergarten:

  1. Have conversations with your child about kindergarten and what will be different.

  2. Build self confidence in your child. When children believe in themselves, they begin to realize their potential.

  3. Encourage independence by developing self help skills:

-Identify jobs that your child can do daily and weekly

-Give the child opportunities to make choices about food or clothing

-Teach the child to perform personal hygiene skills independently

  1. Help your child learn how to solve problems.

  2. Continue to teach you child social skills:

-Model perspective taking by sharing how others might be feeling/thinking

-Model decision making and fairness

-Provide social experiences (camp, play dates, etc.)

  1. READ, READ, READ, and READ some more to your child. Engage in literacy activities.

  2. Limit TV viewing.

  3. Be effective in your ability to guide and discipline appropriately.

  4. Discover you child’s gifts and talents.

  5. Help your child develop listening skills and increase his/her attention span.



We are now accepting PreK Registrations for the '19-'20 school year. Our registration is available online on our district website Please see flyers below for details. It is available in English and Spanish. If you know any Gloucester City residents that have a child that will be 3 or 4 years old by October 1st, please let them know about our full day preschool program.

Ms. Jupin & Ms. Trotts preschool class had a blast finding their personalized eggs from the Easter Bunny during their egg hunt!

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