Tides and Moon Phases

By: Luan Muhametaj & Riley Richmond


Tides are affected by the moon and sun. There are 2 tides each day every 12 hours, a high tide and a low tide. A high tide is when the moons gravitational pull, pulls the tide higher up in the sand. A low tide is when there is a less gravitational pull from the moon.

Moon Phases

The moon phases takes about a month or so , about every 3-4 days the moons change. The cycle repeats over and over . There are 8 phases in the moon cycle

1)The full moon:moon is fully lit.

2) Waning Gibbous,the moon is almost fully lit.

3) Last Quarter Half Moon when the moon is half way lit on the left side.

4)Waning Crescent is when a quarter of the moon is lit.

5) New Moon is not lit at all , there is no moon

6) Waxing Crescent is the moon starting to light up again and it is a quarter lit.

7)First Quarter Half Moon , half of the moon is lit on the right side.

8) Waxing Gibbous is when the moon is 3/4 fully lit.

Moon Phases

How the Moon and Tides relations

The moon causes the tides by gravitational pulls . There are predictable changes between the moon and tide because the moons gravitational pulls are the same around the same time as the moon changes.

Effects of no Moon

I think if there was no moon we would not have any tides. There probably wouldn't be any season. Everyday would have sunlight and there would not be any night because the moon would not block the sun.