My Future


The start

When i grow up the one thing i want to do is join the Navy. I have to attend 4 yrs to come into the military as an officer. I want to be around the naval base in Norfolk. But after i have the 4 yrs done i have to complete the officer training.

The needs

initial service commitment of three to five years again positions involving longer-term training may involve longer service obligations. in order to apply i would have to pay $30. There are so many interesting places in this place as in the USS Wisconsin and the MacArthur memorial.

departments and degree needed

The department i will be working with will be computers. I will be in this department because i want to be an IT which is based on the computers. The degree i need for this job is four yrs of officer training. I want to earn my master degree when i am in college.

Earning money

When i come into the military with four years of experience i will earn about 2580.60 a month . As an officer in the military it is possible for financial aid.
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