Don't Let Stress Control Your Life

Live Don't Hide

Stress and What it Means

Stress is your body's way of dealing with a complicated situation or a feeling that is created when you react to certain events. We have good stress and bad stress. For example, fight or flight is considered good stress, which is made to protect us from tough situations. Then there is bad stress. Stress that is long-term and ongoing can wear out the body's reserves making you feel weak, overwhelmed, even sick with a weak nervous system. Stress can also affect your emotions, some may act out in anger and take it out on other people or objects.

How to Deal With Stress the Healthy Way

There are many ways to deal with stress.

-Get Active (Exercise)

-Get enough sleep (9-10 hours)

-Have fun

-Keep Healthy (avoid caffeine)

-Control your breathing ( 4 in 4 out)

If you need help, talk to someone that is always there for you and you trust. There might also be a point when you need professional help.