Down syndrome

Symptoms of Down syndrome

~delayed development

~learning disorder

~short stature

~speech delay

Affect daily life

-they can have a hard time making friends

-hard time learning

-can't process what the learn

-some may need special classes

Life expectancy

An average person lives about 60 years with Down syndrome

Gene or Mutation that causes Down syndrome

An extra 21 chromosome
Mitosis and Meiosis did not occur correctly

How Down syndrome got its name

He is a British Doctor named John Langdon. He first clinically identified the condition in 1866. However the chromosomal nature of Down syndrome was not documented until 1959 by dr.Lejeune.

The types of Down syndrome

1~ About 95% or people have the first type witch you have trisomy, 3 instead of 2 number of the 21 chromosome

2~ The second type is known as translocation About 3-4% have the second type, in this type an extra part of the 21 chromosome gets stuck to another chromosome.

3~ The third type is know as mosaicism. Only about 2% of people have this type.the have an extra 21 but in only some cells not all.

Possible treatments

All you can do is get help from a team of therapist and special educators who can treat you child's special needs! Their is no cure!

Other information

People with downs get made fun of and get hard times from other kids! It's all genetics of if not them it could be you! I feel think they are special and you should care for them the same if not more than a normal child! They need help just like you and I.