Take foreign language course!

By Andres Vega


When you go visit your family and you need a bus or a taxi to take you to their house but you don't know how to tell them to go or stop now or even tell them the street they live on.Also if you do it other people will too(Bandwagon). And on extreme cases you might be in great danger and you have no idea to ask for help.And the Logic behind this is that it makes you smarter (Logical Appeal)

5 reasons That support my claim

  • It's fun..To learn another language and tell people you can speak it.
  • It can also help you as in if you go to a place that only speaks 1 solid language
  • And if your really mad and there are kids around and you are trying to relive stress...
  • Let's say you are in a another country and there is a label, and on that label there is a bad chemical but since you don't know what that says you eat it and you get ten extra toes.
  • Then the best reason is that there are a lot of beautiful women and you try to wow them but you can't because you can't speak her language.
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Counter Argument.

To me I believe why other people will disagree with be because learning another language takes too long, and no one has the time to learn. Another is that they think it's not useful to learn because you already speak it or you will never use it ever.For my last argument is that You are not going anywhere and you are staying where you are and everyone speaks what you speak.