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What's Going On In The World Of #FAPBG-Wk. of May 7th

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Week in Review

This week was a much calmer one, now that the excitement and anticipation for the spring play is dying down. I hope you were able to catch it at one of our three sold out shows! That's over 900 people who saw first hand out talented and committed our students, volunteers, and faculty are! I could not be more proud of Mrs. Caperna, Miss Caperna, Ms. Taylor and all of our students. I am also super grateful for Ms. Moonga and Mr. Kasas, as well as all the drama parents who gave so much of their time and resources to help make the show a success. I can't wait to see what Mrs. Caperna has up her sleeve for next year!

In other news, we are winding down our state assessment testing with only two days left. Monday and Tuesday, 8th grade students will take their FSA ELA Reading component. We will finish make-ups the rest of the week next week, and that will be a wrap. We do still have one last round of iReady diagnostics for most grade levels. These tests are important because it shows your students' full year of growth and also gives us a jumping off point for next year. Please encourage your students to not "check out" just yet. We've still have more learning to do this year!

Lastly, this week is Teacher Appreciation Week. This is your chance to thank the teachers and faculty for ALL they do each day for your children. Please do not miss this opportunity to make them feel special. Even just a kind email or note will go a long way toward showing your appreciation.


As many of you know, during our morning drop off, the sun can create dangerous driving conditions. Over the last several weeks, Mrs. Maret, who is a part of our arrival team each morning, has almost been hit multiple times by cars as they pull onto campus and into the split of lanes. PLEASE be cautious as you pull on to campus! Additionally, almost all members of our arrival and dismissal teams could tell you about a time they've almost been hit by a car this year, simply due to someone behind the wheel not paying enough attention. 1100 students and 95 faculty members are on this campus daily. Your full attention and care in carline and the parking lot is needed to keep everyone safe. Please drive slowly, with caution, and distraction-free.

Yearbooks STILL available!

You can still purchase a yearbook to commemorate this awesome school year. The current price is $60. Please email Ms. Huelsman if you would like to make a purchase.

Peak at the Week

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Staff Member and Teacher of the Month

Many thanks to Mrs. Baker and Mrs. Caperna for their hard work and dedication to our school. They have been selected as Staff Member and Teacher of the Month. Ms. Baker has been a wonderful asset to our school and leads our downstairs front desk with a sense of calmness and control, no matter the situation. Mrs. Caperna is a cornerstone of our school and her work with not only her ELA students, but her drama team provides students with the confidence and skills to be successful in school and beyond. We are blessed to have both of them in our Franklin Family!

May Birthdays

5/5- Ms. Perez

5/11- Ms. McCloskey

5/11- Ms. Smith

5/12- Ms. Beck

5/24- Coach Picchiottino

5/25- Mr. Frye

5/26- Ms. Abrishami

5/28- Ms. Cano

5/31- Ms. Janosky



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