Classroom Catering

Homemade Treats For Any Occasion

Gone are the days of bringing homemade treats to school for your child's birthday, or are they.....??

You can now have our experienced bakers make homemade treats for your child's party; Cupcakes with tie-dye frosting, Brownies with Sprinkles, cookies and more.

This option is also available for teachers and other staff. Want to show appreciation to your students staff? You can order treats to be delivered to the teacher's lounge for them to enjoy and feel appreciated. They all LOVE the homemade cinnamon Rolls ;)

We provide all that is needed: plates, napkins, delivery etc.. All is included in the price of the food items.

All you need to do:

View our Classroom Catering Sheet below. Decide which items you would like to order, and when you would like them delivered. Notify Jason Swanson by phone or email and send in payment.

Questions? Feel free to contact Jason Swanson, Child Nutrition Director, anytime! He can be reached at the following: or 641-828-2094

Classroom Catering Options

Homemade Options

Cookies- $25 (Enough for classroom of 25 + Teacher)

Choice of Chocolate Chip, M & M or Sugar

Cupcakes- $30 (Enough for classroom of 25 + Teacher)

Choice of White, Chocolate, Strawberry, Red Velvet, Devils Food and Funfetti

Frosting Choices are Vanilla or Chocolate, can also add sprinkles

Mini Cupcake + Juice Combo - $30

Same choices as the regular cupcakes, but mini-sized. Juice Boxes will be included in the cost

Frosted Brownies- $30 (Enough for classroom of 25 + Teacher)

May add sprinkles if desired

Rice Krispie Bars - $25 (Enough for Classroom of 25 + Teacher)

Thick and Large cut Rice Krispie bars, can add sprinkles if desired

Cinnamon Rolls- $25/Dozen

Linda’s Famous Homemade Cinnamon Rolls with Frosting

Prepackaged Options

Glazed Donuts - $ .75 each

Homestyle Fried Donuts Glazed with our Homemade Glaze, Topped with Sprinkles

Ice Cream Cups - $ .75 each

Vanilla, Chocolate or swirl

Fruit Rollups - $ .75 each

Sliced Bagged Apples- & .75 each

String Cheese - $ .75 Each

Baked Chips or Cheetos - $.75 each

Juicy Juice Box - $ .75 each

Apple, Berry or Fruit Punch