Towing - Lancaster Pa

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Towing in Lancaster Pa

If you are looking for Towing within Lancaster PA there are specific questions you should ask of the towing company. The type of vehicle you have and the situation you are in will determine the type of tow you need.

Only a few tow truck companies will offer the option of a wrecker or a flatbed. Flatbed tows are usually needed for larger vehicles including many four wheel drive vehicles.

If you are stuck in a ditch most wreckers are equipped with a wench to pull you out.

There are several key factors you should be aware of before calling a tow company:

Do they offer 24 hour towing
Do they have a flatbed roll off if that is what’s needed
Do they offer roadside assistance
How far will they travel
Do they handle most insurances

Depending on the time of day or evening, you will need a tow company that offers 24 hour service. You will be surprised to find that most tow companies do not offer 24 hour service.

As mentioned above, there are many situations where a flatbed roll-off is necessary. A flatbed roll-off is usually equipped to handle any car that has been rendered unmovable because of a massive collision. When you contact a tow company for a tow or pull out, they will ask you the type of vehicle you have and exactly the situation you are in. This will help them to determine the type of tow truck needed for your circumstances.

If your vehicle has left you sit and you are in need of a battery jump, tire change, stalled engine or you are locked out, you will be in need of roadside assistance. Again, depending on the time of day or evening you will need a company that offers 24 hour roadside assistance.

Since many tow truck companies do not offer 24 hour assistance, it is best to pre plan and know exactly who you are going to call if the situation should ever arise. While not all vehicles can be serviced on the spot, most tow truck companies will bring the necessary tools to attempt fixing the problem. If the problem cannot be fixed, the towing company will bring the proper truck to tow your vehicle to the destination you desire or to their shop.

If you have been involved with a major collision, your vehicle will most likely need a flatbed.

Most importantly is to establish which towing company in Lancaster PA you are going to utilize. Remember to ask your towing company how far they will travel for your towing needs.

If you are looking for a towing company in Lancaster PA that offers all the services mentioned above, you can contact Glicks Auto Body in Akron Pa. Glicks Auto Body offers a wrecker, flatbed, 24 hour towing and roadside assistance. Visit Glicks website for any information about towing, auto body repair and auto repair including State Inspection.