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"Owl" About Our Week

This Week:

Character Ed Theme:

Reliability=the ability to be relied on or depended on, as for honesty or accuracy.

(syn.) loyalty, honesty, dependable, steadfastness, trustworthiness

  • Remember to make contact with your Mentor Student daily
  • Thursday-Saturday: Jr. High Basketball Tournament at Wells
  • September 30th: Online trainings for abuse and neglect due
  • Core Committee Meeting: September 30th After School

See You at The Pole

This morning, students and parent volunteers met for the annual "See You at the Pole" event. Volunteers passed out free donuts as students gathered for a moment of prayer.
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Faculty and Staff Spotlights

Chireno Elementary Recognized as a Title I High Performing Campus for 2013-2014

Region VII representative, Glenda Hinsley, attended the Chireno ISD School Board meeting on September 18th to present board members with a plaque for recognition as a Title I, Part A High-Performance Reward School. For the 2013-2014 school year, Chireno Elementary faculty and staff, are recognized for ensuring that all children have the opportunity to obtain a high quality education and are able to meet challenging State and Federal academic standards. A high performing school is a Title I school that received distinction designations based on math and reading performance. The framed award is inside the foyer of the elementary office. Please point it out to your class as you walk by and let them know that their hard work last year helped contribute to the success of our campus in achieving this status. Way-to-go Students and Teachers!
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