GC-B Monthly Update

September 2019

Donuts with Dad

Thank you to all the male role models that woke up early to participate in this fun event! We will make more donuts next time!

Family's First

This year we are excited to get through all of The 7 Habit of Successful Families! The Family's First committee has scheduled the first meeting for October 29th at 5:30 where we will do a fall craft and give a quick run through on what Family's First is all about. If you are interested in extra support for your family, creating friendships and networking with other parents, this is your place to be! We are hoping to have a meeting once a month until May. Every month we will learn another habit of successful families and give you the tools to practice it at home with your family.

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3rd Grade Safety Day Camp

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Wellness Worth Talking About! From Mrs. Bickel

This is the second year of Wellness Classes for 3rd - 6th grade. At the beginning of each year, I have had the students identify the areas of wellness they feel they are strongest. The three areas of wellness we address during class are social, emotional and physical. The students have indicated that they are weakest in the emotional area of wellness.

I’m excited that during the month of October, we are covering personal stress to address one area of emotional wellness. We are doing engaging activities, along with some deep discussions, to increase student awareness of their personal stress and positive coping strategies. I am hoping they will find one or two that they can implement when experiencing their own stress. One such strategy is yoga. I am having a licensed yoga instructor come to the school on the first two Wednesdays during the months of September - December. All students, kindergarten - 6th grade will be participating during their physical education time. Parents and/or guardians are welcome to join us in a little yoga! In October, she will be leading the students on the 9th and 16th because we will be participating in the Annual Healthiest State Walk at 12:45 pm on the 2nd with team building activities to follow. We would like community members to join us and make these activities a huge success!

In the future, we will be performing activities to demonstrate how kindness, empathy, respect and gratitude influence their lives. They will also be completing some in depth activities on how to take care of their physical wellness and staying healthy. Hope you all have a healthy Halloween!

Color Run!

Thank you for the support of our 2nd annual Color Run! This exciting evening supports our Senior Citizen's Dinner and field trips throughout the school year. Without our generous sponsors and community support, we wouldn't be able to have all of the unique opportunities available for students. We are truly grateful and look forward to next year!
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Made-from-scratch items utilizing our garden

zucchini brownies and muffins, chicken fajitas, spaghetti sauce, raw vegetables, corn on the cob (donated) and apples (donated).

Freshly made entree items

Oatmeal, egg bake, breakfast burritos, muffins, biscuits and gravy, Swedish meatballs, chicken & rice, tator tot casserole, chicken & noodles, beef & bean nachos, chicken cordon bleu, spaghetti, chicken fajitas, Italian pasta bake, tacos, and scalloped potatoes & ham.

Homecoming Parade in West Bend