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February 3, 2016

BLT Minutes & Other...

Hello All.

The main topic of discussion at BLT was the schedule. Mike shared the schedule they have settled on, explaining pros and cons. The priorities were teaming, common plan by dept.(which allows spreading out the electives a bit more in the schedule), and job security. He also has been working for an alternative school full day here in the building and a modified math class for connections. He is interested in getting tutorial on Wednesday if possible. (Every team could have a day when kids go to the gym and the team would have a day they could meet with the counselors in smaller, more manageable groups). Because initially 6th grade classes will be smaller (and eventually all) he is interested in documenting successes to support these smaller class sizes, especially before numbers go up in the future. I think this is really important because it is a chance to show smaller class sizes DO make a difference. Without increased time, decreased class size is our next best thing in 8th grade for improving student performance.

Also-Math tutoring is taking place in the building. 6th grade is full, but there are some openings for 7 & 8. Talk to the math teachers. 7 & 8 will be meeting in the auditeria, 6th will work in 6th grade classrooms.

On the 29th all 8th graders go to Butler Tech in am. We will be splitting lunch with 6th grade on that day.

I suggested an overarching theme for next school year, like the anniversary of the Nat. Park system, just as an idea.

I really think all of the people that worked so hard on the schedule deserve recognition


Since Mike is explaining the scheduling info and hosting Q & A, we have a decision to make. Would you rather meet with him to talk about schedule more or work in rooms for dept? Chris and Tracy need to get Glen Helen info prepared and Amelia has a project for the mentoring meeting next week that she really needs to work on during this time.

Please reply and let me know if it's OK to work on own after Mike is finished.