infant brain development

By: blake peyton

simple is sometimes good

the smallest things can teach a child specific things like talking to them whyl changing them or even whyl cuddling. during play time you can use vibrant colord toys to help stimulate the senses and develop motor skills.

learing through experience

an infant mainly learns though experience and curiosity, so whenever your child does something wrong correct them or try to teach them to not do it again through that experience.

practice makes perfect

the more an infant or child does an action the better they should be able to do that action. like if a child puts a block on top of another then they will eventualy be able to stack multiple blocks.

do things to involve the child

when going places or doing things try to include the child as much as possible sometimes you will need a baby sitter of course but if not pay close attention to them and include them either by feeding them at a restraunt or at home cuddling whyl watching a show.