Why School Uniforms Are Bad

By: Zaria Howard

School Uniforms Are Bad Because...

  • of the expensive polo shirt, tan pants, and fancy dress shoes
  • of the confusion
  • of the lack of creativity
  • they can ruin a child's self-image

Lack Of Creativity

  • students shouldn't have to express themselves in academic wise
  • if you work for more than two hours you have to have to have at least a five minuet break
  • kids get tired of school and work. what better way to express yourself than with your clothes


  • if there was a natural disaster(like a tornado) and kids were in the duck and cover position it would be hard for a parent to find their child
  • when parents get worried they don't see clearly and will do anything to find their kid

unflatering uniforms

  • school uniforms are often ugly
  • they can ruin a kids self image
  • if bullies find out that the kid has lost their self image the kid will be the bullies main target
  • if the bullying goes on for to long the kid can hurt themselves badly or even commit suicide

Hear it for yourselves

Persuasive Speech - School Uniform Cons

Take A Stand

  • Uniforms are bad and shouldn't be worn
  • How to take a stand and put a stop to school uniforms
  • Write a letter to the councilor
  • write a letter to the school board or the ISD