Hello Kitty SVG

Convert Hello Kitty Photo to Hello Kitty SVG using Vector Magic

Today we try to convert a Hello Kitty Photo to Hello Kitty SVG for Cricut project or other laser cut project.

We try this tools – Vector Magic, you can buy and download it here http://vectormagic.com/

Convert bitmap to vector

Able to convert the bitmap to an undistorted vector image. The image of the bitmap is jagged after being enlarged. Try Vector Magic, which has powerful functions. Ofcourse you can convert a photo to a vector image online but most quality are disappointed. Of course, it depends on the content and quality as well as color tones of the picture. There are certain conditions.

Convert pictures to vectors online

Download a Hello Kitty Photo from Pinterest or somewhere, save it to your computer

Go to the Vector Magic homepage, select the Hello Kitty Photo to be converted, and press Upload to upload it. After the upload is completed, it will be transferred to the editing screen. On the right, select the mode you want to switch, for example, like the recommended option.

Vector Magic will start to analyze the image and convert it. The vectorizing image will take some time. If you are not satisfied after the conversion, you can reselect the function on the right to try another mode conversion.

When saving a picture, click My Images in the lower-left corner to save the picture in four formats: EPS, SVG, PDF, and PNG. You are preparing for Cricut design space, so keep it to SVG format.

Just within one minute, we got a Hello Kitty SVG, a vector graphic for you edit freely!