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Key Dates to Know

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"Wednesday Huddle" Key Points

As a reminder, every Wednesday from 9:00-9:10 we have a quick "Wednesday Huddle" to share key topics and projects occurring across the District. The goal is to make sure we are consistently communicating about the work we are all engaged in and ensure everyone is connected to the work across the District. Since many of you are working at sites during this time we will highlight some of the key topics in each newsletter.

  • All Microsoft patch updates will now occur at 9:30 PM Wednesdays.
  • The elementary report card transition to Synergy has begun and is on schedule for completion before the first reporting period,
  • Compass Learning (CL) has been transferred to the CL hosted site. It is mobile ready but sites need to use the Puffin App.

  • PVES will be undertaking a pilot with HP on wearable technology.

Tech and Learning Connection

Our first Tech and Learning Connection newsletter went out last week. The Connection will be one of the ways in which we communicate with ALL PUSD staff about key tech and learning topics. Here is the link.


The "hot topic" the Help Desk has been dealing with is requests for parent user name and passwords for MyPlan. Throughout the year, we will be sharing the "hot topics" the Help Desk is dealing with to ensure we are proactively planning for the future and rethinking ways to better support parents, students and staff.

1:1 Meetings with Rich

The 1:1 meetings with Rich have begun. Monique is scheduling meetings with LANs for September and October. The purpose of the one on one meetings with Rich is to hear your insights on your work, ideas and thoughts for the work of the department, and how we can better support students, staff, and parents in the future.

"On the Job Visits" with Rich

§ C Rich has begun his “on the job visits.” He is scheduling times to take on each role in the department so that he has a better understanding of the work each of you undertakes.

Chromebooks for SBAC testing

We are in the process of ordering Chromebooks for all sites. the Chromebooks will help reduce the time each site will need to complete the CAASPP test Each set is being order with a cart.

MAP APP for District Managed Chromebooks

District managed Chromebooks now have an APP for MAP testing. This should make MAP testing log in and set up much more seamless. Linda Meloney has sent our directions and information on the process.

Printing from Chromebooks

Many of our sites want to print from their Chromebooks. In order for this to occur, Ed Bachta will need to begin the process of creating the connection of the print server. So, please connect with Ed if you would like to have printing capabilities at your site. He will need to know which printers you want enabled. We are being very proactive in reaching out and want Ed to have time to work on this in advance of the arrival of the Chromebooks.

Hewlett Packard Visits for Systems Analysts and Developers

The Systems Analysts and Developers will be visiting HP in the coming week. The focus of these visits will be on analyzing how different organizations take an idea from inception to application. We will be using these visits to see how other organizations effectively work between and among teams, while also rethinking our own processes and how we might more effectively and efficiently connect our work. Part of the time will be used to plan next steps as two integrated teams, while including our colleagues from LSS. We will be scheduling other visits for teams in the future.


The transition from Connect Ed to Connect 5 is complete. All principals and 81 additional staff were trained over the last two days. Here is a quick video on how to use the new system.
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Professional Development Website

The Development Team is working on an update to the Staff Development Site. The focus is on modernizing the UI and expanding functionality to support Professional Growth and Staff Development trainings, TLCs, and CLCs.

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Linda Bradbury's Retirement

Linda's retirement celebration will be on September 18th from 3-5 p.m. More details forthcoming in a separate flyer.