Superbowl Ad Precis

BY Jhamir Samuels

'Axe Peace'

In the Superbowl commercial " Make Peace, Not War" by Axe, Axe pushes to ultimately sell their product but also to spread the idea of "making peace instead of war" to not just American audience but to people of every ethnicity in the position of being push to make a decision between war and peace. Axe develops their idea of "Make Peace, Not War" by using examples of all diversities around the world and putting them all in conditions of war at the beginning of the commercial then flips into scenes of love and tenderness towards the end. Axe uses transfer as an emotional appeal to help those make the decision to choose love over war for all of our loved ones surrounding us by using New Axe Peace. Using an emotional and tender tone, Axe pushes their products to their intention audience , which is everyone in the world who wants to help "make love".