Gamma Chi Update

Annual Dues

Please remember that we must submit our dues to Kappa State in October.

Please mail your annual dues ($70) to LYNNLEE VANCE or if you teach in TASD, you can send them in interoffice mail to me and I'll make sure she gets them.

The following people paid at the September meeting.

Ruth Bell

Tami Blair

Anita Brisco

Ellen Cobb

Janet Cole-Carter

Shirley Cox

Tina Delese

Amber Fenix

Nedra Frady

Mary Betty Gage

Tamara Hackett

Maggie Harris

Jennie Jones

Grace Mackey

Alisha Stevens

Carolyn Turchi

Karen Vance

Lynnlee Vance

Pat Williams

Audrey Wright

October meeting

Initiation of New Members

Arkansas High School - Red Wall

October 17, 2016

6:00 PM

Hostesses: Janet Cole-Carter, Dixie Druhan, Natasha Hampton, and Rogena Sheets