5R Bi-Weekly Newsletter

Written & Edited by Mrs. Riley's 5th Grade Class


This week in reading we are reading a book called Our Mysterious Universe by Laura Langston. We are learning about how the universe was made. We just finished a book called Jess and Layla's Astronomical Assignment by Lucy Courtenay. This book is about two girls who got assigned a science project and took a van into the universe with different astronomers. The last text in this unit will be about black holes. We will finish this unit next week by comparing and contrasting the three texts to see how different genres can teach us information about the same topics.


We have just finished our papers on a scientific discovery. We were required to choose a discovery, research it, and write an informational paper with citations to inform our readers about the topic. We are now working on a critique project, which will be on display at Reading Night on April 28th. We hope that you will come check out our presentations!


Most classes are finishing up the fraction unit. We have learned how to compare, add, subtract, multiply, and divide fractions. The next unit covers geometry and measurement.

Social Studies

We are wrapping up our chapter on the Spanish-American War and World War I. We have learned about the many causes of the wars and the impacts the wars had on the United States. We also analyzed different propaganda posters that the United States government used during WWI to gain support of Americans. We are using our knowledge of the war and propaganda to create our own posters that could have been used during the war.

Important Dates/Information

4/12- ELA PARCC Test (9-11)

4/13- Parent's/Grandparent's Reading Day forms due

4/13- 5th Grade Picture (Please make sure student's wear their 5th grade t-shirt!)

4/15- Robert Crown Permission Slips due

4/19-4/20- ELA Unit 3 Assessment

4/22- Teacher Institute (No school for students)

4/28- Harris Woods Field Trip & Family Reading Night (6-7)

4/29-Puberty Talk

5/3- Robert Crown Presentation

5/4- Parent Step Up Night @ Bednarcik

5/5- Student Step Up Day @ Bednarcik

5/13- 5th Grade Picnic