Welcoming Newcomers

Some ideas for ELL Inclusion

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What Teachers Can Do for Emergent Bilinguals...

respond positively to children’s attempts;

respond by affirming the children’s attempts to communicate;

respond using a combination of gestures, words, and tone of voice;

speak with families to learn a couple words in the children’s first language;

display and highlight writing in a variety of languages.

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Some Inclusive Practice Ideas

Wise Words for Classroom Teachers from Tan Huynh

Tan Huynh is a force in the ELL world and has an amazing blog called Empowering ELLs. This article is all about how to create a welcoming environment for newcomer ELLs.

The Importance of First Language (L1) in the Classroom

This is a great article about why first language matters so much for our ELLs and their identity and sense of belonging in our schools. From Valentia Gonzalez, another great ELL blogger.

Bilingual and Digital Books

Unite for Literacy: We picture a world where all children have access to an abundance of books that celebrate their languages and cultures and cultivate a lifelong love of reading.

You Are Special: Dual Language Books

We are a Canadian store specializing in dual language and multicultural children's resources. Our mission is to help children learning different languages and cultures.