May 1st Weekly Newsletter

First Grade

Weekly Happenings

This quarter, we worked hard to research a US historical figures and create a report about them. They are awesome! Check them out!! You can see our videos if you click this link:

Thank you so much for all of the gum, marker and pencil donations!!

Friday, May 8th, Shull will be holding a family BBQ and Carnival from 6-8PM in the rear parking lot. We hope to see you there!


Mrs. Brown:
Monday: PE
Tuesday: Art

Wednesday: Music
Thursday: Leadership Day
Friday: PE

Mrs. Kiger:
Monday: Music

Tuesday: PE

Wednesday: Art
Thursday: Leadership Day

Friday: Music

Learning Targets

Math: I can compare length using non-standard units of measurement.

This week we learned to measure objects with connecting cubes. We also compared different lengths to each other.

ELA: I can use standard English grammar.

We learned about common nouns and proper nouns this week.

Social Studies: I can explain the significance of several national symbols.

We created a Google Slides presentation about the Statue of Liberty, White House, Bald Eagle, Liberty Bell, and the American Flag. We learned how to copy an image from Google and paste it into our presentation.


*I can make observations that young plants’ traits are similar to their parents.

*I can explain how animals use their external parts to help them survive, grow, and meet their needs.

This week, we started learning about plant and animal adaptations. We learned that an adaptation helps a plant or animal survive.

Behavior: I can be a "now" kid. Now kids follow directions the first time, quickly, quietly and exactly.

Sight Words and Spelling Words

Sight Words:


Spelling Words:

No spelling this week.

Dates to Remember

4/27-5/8 MAP 3rd & 4th grade Assessment Window

5/4-5/8 Teacher Appreciation Week

5/4 Incoming 5th grade orientation at Bridle Ridge

5/8 Family Barbecue

5/15 Kindergarten celebration

5/18 Field Day

5/19 Talent Show

5/20 4th grade celebration

5/21 Last Day of School-Yearbook Signing & Early Release