Adopt Your Animal Today

Your favorite animal at the zoo needs YOU!!

Through the Adopt an Animal Program at the Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium, you can help provide food and care for your favorite animal. You can't take your animal home but, you get things like stickers, magnets, your name printed on the board at the zoo, an adoption certificate, and many more exciting things.

How much does it cost?

You can adopt an animal for $30.00 or more. Each adoption lasts for exactly one year. The links below will help you print out a form or fill out a form online.

Some animals that you can adopt.

African elephant, African lion, American alligator, Amur tiger, Black rhinoceros, California sea lion, Cheetah, Grant’s zebra, Komodo dragon , Masai giraffe , Penguins, Polar bear, Red panda, Sand tiger shark, Sea otter, Sea turtle, Snow leopard, Western lowland gorilla, and ALL OTHERS are available for adoption!

Listen to some animal sounds below and get excited about your new animal friend!

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Plan your visit

Use this map of the zoo to see where your (soon to be) special friend lives!