Silver Creek Compliments

Changing the school environment one compliment at a time

Noticing a Problem

Silver Creek is an all around amazing school, yet something had been missing. There can always be more respect given and more smiling faces showing-what better way to change that then with a compliment?

Starting a Change

A little can go a long way, and the same goes with compliments. I created this page in the hopes of at least making one persons day better.

Immediate Response



This account could be getting attention for many reasons, with one being people may hope they end up getting complimented. However, I hope these people share my same interest which is making students at Silver Creek happier just by complimenting them.

INSTAGRAM: silvercreekcompliments


I know this is at least making a couple of days better for the students of Silver Creek, which was my goal. People have given more compliments than they would've, yet I'd like to see giving out compliments be a normal, everyday thing for the Silver Creek community,