Our math class is done with our study of graphs. We will be taking an assessment of ur learning in several days. Currently, we are working on number sense in the thousands and understanding facts and number relationships. We are nearly done with our study of economics. Starting this week, we will form our classroom mini-economy. The class will design a currency. Students will be paid for their jobs and fined for failure to carry out their jobs. Discipline will certainly NOT be a problem while the min-economy is in place! Before Winter Break, each student will create his/her own product or service to sell at the class market. Purchases will be made with the "money" earned during the mini-economy. The students have completed their realistic fiction projects for display at the Crozet Library. They are beautiful! Third Grade teachers will be mounting them at the library this afternoon. They will be on display until Winter Break. Our class is scheduled to visit the library, along with Ms. Huneycutt's class, next Tuesday, the 19th. We will be walking, so make sure everyone is dressed appropriately for the weather!

This week is National Young Readers Week. I celebration, Ms. Crummie will dress in pajamas and read all day. Third Grade is preparing a cozy area at the end of our hall for her to call home. She will begin with a story during morning announcements. She will read to some classes in the Wonder Lounge and keep reading in her "livingroom' prepqred by Third Grade. During the day, she will tweet out thoughts about the books that the classrooms have selected for her to read throughout the day. Help the school support Ms. Crummie by allowing your child to wear pajamas to school on Thursday!

Crozet School's quarterly newsletter is going digital. To read it, see the link at the bottom of this page.

Save These Dates!

October 31 - Halloween BOO!

November 1 - Teacher conferences

November 4 - Teacher Professional Development Day

November 5 - School Holiday/Election Day - Remember to vote!

November 12 - Report Cards go home!

November 14 - Pajama Day, in celebration of National Young Readers Week

November 19 - Field trip to Crozet library for tour and cards

November 27-29 - Thanksgiving Break

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