PLE Zen Den

April 11-15, 2016

Do you get it?

How many times have you asked your students that question? "Do you get it? Can I move on? Any questions? Everyone good?" The responses are usually the same: some nods, blank stares, and maybe some responses from the vocal few.

So how do you know what the students know? How do you know if the quiet kid in the back of the room gets it? What if they don't speak up? What if they always say they get it, but their summative assessments tell a different story? What if the scores on the unit tests are a surprise? You think they're rocking & rolling with the material, but the scores come back, and they're not what you'd hoped?

We've all been there at one point or another but here's lesson I had to learn as a new teacher: every day when my students leave my room, I should know how well they all understood the material. Yes, this is a lofty goal but we have access to great formative assessment tools.

  • Amplify Classroom Tools (short answer, discussion, etc.)
  • Canvas Tools (discussion, quiz feature, etc.)
  • Web 2.0 tools

Formative assessment can be technology or non-tech based. The beauty of using instructional technology sometimes is that it is always evolving. There is always a new, engaging way to gather whether or not students truly understand concepts. By changing it up, the novelty will aid in keeping students engaged. I'd like to share a few of my new and old favorites for you to try during our last month of tablet usage.

Kid Snippets: "Math Class" (Imagined by Kids)

Let's work together!

IMPORTANT: IF YOU DID NOT ATTEND CANVAS TRAINING (above)...begin to backup any files on Amplify Playlist Builder. (PLB) It will NOT be accessible after May 23. Make note of what worked for your organizationally speaking. If a particular playlist was the perfect match for a unit, organize it the same way in Canvas! Be sure to check out the video below. As always, view the PLEF Instructional Coaching Menu to pick from a variety of resources to help you and your students grow. Meet me in the spots designated on my schedule below if you need help with this.

  • Monday: Allen
  • Tuesday: Guilford
  • Wednesday: WSA AM/Allen PM
  • Thursday: Guilford
  • Friday: WSA

For days I am on your specific campus, email me or tweet me @zenPLEF to set up a time we can work together. Include your campus, room number, and preferred time.

Amplify Export/Import to Canvas
PD in your PJs!

Thank you for sharing this resource, Mrs. Hough! (Allen)

Tamika M. Davis, MLS MS

Do you know how to back up your Amplify Playlist Builder resources?