Garret Augustus Morgan

Inventor ( 1877-1963)

Garret Augustus Morgan

Garret Morgan was an African American inventor born in Paris, Kentucky in 1877 and invented many great things in his lifetime until his death in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1963.


Garret made a lot of things like the traffic light and the gas mask, originally intended to help miners trapped in toxic gas filled mines, safety hood and smoke protectors for firemen, a zig-zag sewing machine attachment, hair straighteners, hair dyeing gel, de-curling hair combs and other inventions.

His Life

Garret was born on March 4 1877 in Paris, Kentucky and was the son of former slaves, his education ended in elementary school. As a young teen in 1895, Garret moved to Cincinnati, Ohio were, with his incredible ability to fix machines was offered a lot of jobs at factories. In 1907 Garret started a sewing equipment and repair shop using equipment that he invented and built himself. In 1920 Garret started a newspaper business were he hired 32 people and was very successful, he eventually bought a car.He noticed how unsafe the roads and intersections were, he was determined to make them safer. On November 20 1923 Garret patented his street light design with the little panels that flipped in and out and this design was used until the modern street sign with the lights was invented.


I couldn't find many quotes from Garret, but i did find one. " If you can be the best, why not try to be the best " - Garret Morgan
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