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Homeowners who are working on a budget should try not to go.

A Brief Rundown of Popular Window Options and Features

Installing new windows in a residential home is arguably one of the most effective ways to improve both its energy efficiency and its property value. For those who are not well-versed in exterior remodeling, choosing the right replacement windows can be tough, though, especially when working on a budget. This article lays out some of the basics of window choice and available features to help homeowners find the windows that will best meet their needs without going over-budget.

Options and Upgrades

When they buy replacement windows southampton homeowners should utilize some self-restraint when it comes to available options. It may be tempting to go for all the extras, but unnecessary upgrades can wind up substantially increasing the cost of new windows. Instead of just opting for every available upgrade, choose the features that seem most essential for dealing with inclement weather and the area's sometimes brutal winter climate.

Window Grilles

Grilles can be installed between a window's layers of insulated glass. They are very similar in appearance to traditional window grilles but help to reduce the amount of time homeowners must spend cleaning their windows. Adding between the glass grilles tends to up the price of each window by around $20.

Tripe Insulated Glass

Most modern windows come with at least two layers of glass for added insulation. Double-paned windows are more common, but homeowners do have the option of adding a third layer of glass to improve energy efficiency and reduce noise. Triple-paned windows cost about $100 more than their double-paned alternatives.

Simulated Divided Light Grilles

This type of window grille is installed on both the interior and the exterior of the glass. It is sometimes required in historic districts but is really just an aesthetic choice for most homeowners. When they opt for simulated divided light grille replacement windows suffolk county residents can expect to spend as much as $150 extra dollars on each window.

Impact-Resistant Glass

Impact-resistant glass is actually one of the most expensive upgrades homeowners can choose, costing around $325 per window. This upgrade can, however, make a huge difference when it comes to reducing noise and protecting the home during hurricane season.

Jamb Extensions

Windows with jamb extensions are factory-altered to add depth. They cost around $50 more than ordinary windows, but for homeowners whose frames aren't as thick as their walls, they're often a necessity rather than an option.

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The features described above constitute just a few of the options available on most modern windows. Need some help choosing windows and doors long island homeowners can trust to offer the best value for their money? Contact Design Build Remodeling today.