Pollution Point

Vs Non Point

What Are Point And Non Point Sources?

Non point caused from Land runoff,Precipitation,and Drainage modification.

A point source is a single identifiable source of pollution like a pipe or drain.

Example of point-discharge from wastewater treatment plants.

Non point-Sediments,bacteria,pesticides,oil,grease,antifreeze,and metals.

What Can Be Done To Decrease This Pollution?

Point-conserve water,watch what you throw down your toilet or sink,don't throw things in river lakes and oceans.

Non Point-dispose of oil and household items properly,and maintain septic tank.

Effects On Human Health

Drinking untreated water will react to our bodies immediately.You could get at least a stomach ache.

Pesticides-damage nervous system and cause cancer.

Nitrates-Dangerous to babies restricts oxygen to the brain.

Effects On Animal And Ecosystem Health

The animals that are in the water are the ones mostly effected by the pollution it kills animals that depend on the water of bodies.These animal end up washed up on the beaches.

Pollution also messes with the food chain because the small animals eat the pollutants.Later these animals are consumed by fish and other animals and the food chain continues to be messes up at the higher levels