Tridigital Learning

Combining the past, present, & future

The Past


Technology isn't what it use to be! Let's go back in time and check out some of the old types of "modern" technology for classrooms.
student brings typewriter to class (CS 1301 @ GT)
A student in a college class brought a typewriter to class to take notes, I guess that wasn't brought up in the syllabus!

The First Computers

No, this isn't a's one of the first computers! Kids would fight over who could get on the computer, but it didn't have as many cool gadgets as the new ones.
This blogger Sarah Perez talks about when she first got her computer and how technology has evolved since then! Check out the post here

Overhead Projector

These bad boys were used even when I was in elementary school, so they aren't too old school yet!
They would reflect onto a white board or a pull down screen. Teachers could put a worksheet or notes on the overhead using a transparency sheet.

The Present

There is plenty of new technology being introduced into our classrooms everyday! We have updated past technology to make it more efficient.


"An Elmo is a digital or analog presentation device that enables you to project anything you put in its camera’s view. Similar to what the old-fashioned ‘opaque projectors’ and overheads used to do, but this is live, in color, and not restricted to 2-d paper or objects. Literally, anything you put under the camera could be projected. There are several uses I can see for an Elmo in a wide variety of subject areas from English to 3-d arts, to social studies and Math. Our Math Department used to be a huge proponent of the Elmo, and several of our teachers still use them. It is very versatile, and gives teachers a lot more flexibility than the traditional overhead machine." source: "Using An Elmo" by Johnathon Jarc. Elmo's are a fantastic resource in today's classroom!


Laptops are mobile versions of the first desktop computer shown above. The computers have slimmed down, alot. They can be moved throughout schools on carts for each classroom to have and use. Most schools have a computer lab with desktops, but these might be easier on the homeroom teachers! This is a big step up from 30 years ago.


Even thought laptops are still used in many classrooms, iPad's are taking over by swarm! They are easier than laptops and desktops and lightweight. They have tons of great apps for learning!

The Future

What's To Come?

Technology is something every teacher will have to stay up-to-date on. It's constantly changing and every time I turn around there is another new iPad, iPhone, TV, or tablet or some sort! Even though we have slowly moved from laptops to iPad's something is sure to come out by the time that I get my own classroom that will aid in my students learning!

Differences between an iPad and a Laptop
If you want to know about the next up-and-coming things in technology everyone should tune in to Envisioning Technology's blog. Envisioning Technology is a technological trend forecasting firm headed by emerging technology strategist Michell Zappa. It has EVERYTHING check out this visualization they made.
I think our future teachers (including myself) will use a mixture of past, present, and mesh in future technology! All of it is important and can be utilized in many different ways. I can't wait to see what it has in store for me!