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Assassin by Anna Myers 4.5 stars

Assassin by Anna Myers is a good book for people who likes non-fiction books that take you back into an important part of history. This particular book makes the reader feel like the civil war is going on right now. It tells John Wilkes Booth's story as to what led to him assassinating the president, It also tells the story of a girl that Anna Myers just added into the book to add drama to the story.
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Assassin is a book that tells of how John Wilkes Booth used how he was admired as a handsome actor to convince people even including the made up character Arabella Getchel to help in the assassination of Abraham Lincoln thinking it would bring glory for of the south (confederacy).


I live for the south

I live for the south

Is this what you live for?

I live for the south

I live for the confederacy

My friend lives for the confederacy

Do you live for the south


Falls round me like money for acting

Presidents blood wet on my face

Warm as my love for the south

Hot like the steam of my gun

Thinking the south to be saved

I got no praise from the south

But the harsh words hurt like a bullet

I felt a pain worse than

My broken leg

I live for south

Live for it

Die for it

I could taste my disappointment

Blood on my fingers

Disappointment fell through my body

I could just hear the south talkin bad about me

Give my heart

Give my heart to the south

Important Quotes


“will you have to carry a gun now?”(pg.48)Tad Lincoln-Abraham Lincoln

“No son I’ll not be going to war, but I’ll have to send other men, young men.”(pg.48)Abraham Lincoln-Tad Lincoln

“Papa didn’t want war,”(pg.48)

Tad Lincoln-Arabella Getchel, and Steven

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Author (Anna Myers) Bio

From Chandler, OK, USA “Tulsa Burning”, “Flying Blind”, “Stolen by the sea”
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