Kindergarten News!

Welcome to Mrs. Neville's Class

Our 1st Week as a Classroom Family!

Our first week of kindergarten was AMAZING! We learned a lot of rules and procedures and them some more rules and procedures but we had fun doing it!!!! We also went on a tour of our school! We learned where all the important places and people were in our building. We played several games to get to know one another and we also had some extra social center time so we could play and interact with one another! Making friends is so important and developing an environment were we feel comfortable and safe is TOO!
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Snack Time

We will have snack time everyday. Feel free to pack a healthy snack and water or juice for your child (a thermos is fine). I encourage you to pack healthy snacks so here are a few ideas: fruits, veggies, pretzels, muffins, granola bars. Sometimes we eat snack while we are finishing our work so please refrain from sending fruit cups & applesauce. ***We would like to avoid as many spills as possible. Please do not send candy as a snack or chips that leave fingers very messy. Thank you SO much for your help!!!


Your student received their orange homework folder today with their September homework calendar and a quilt square activity. The quilt square can be returned by or before September 19th in your child's blue daily folder. The monthly homework can stay at home until the last day of the month. There is NO response journal. I was trying to conserve paper and felt like you could have the freedom to record on loose paper or you can hole punch paper and place it in the brads of the folder. I am flexible! Make it easy and make it work for you and your child. :)

Traveling Bags

We will be publishing many books this year and one way we share them is through our traveling bags. We have 10 bags that are numbered. Students will take turns bringing a bag home with the book we made. Often there may be other items in the bag PLEASE return all items the next day to school so each student has a chance to take our traveling bags home to share them with their families. There will be nights your child may not get a bag and there may be multiple nights your child brings one home. It just depends on how many bags we have rotating at a time :) Thank you for your help in reading these with your children and for helping them get returned each day! They are small enough they can fit inside your child's backpack. If you have any questions please let me know.
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Rock Prairie T-shirt orders!

If you sent in your PTO envelope with your child's t-shirt info that has all been turned in. If you did not I went ahead and turned in a t-shirt size so everyone in our class will get a t-shirt!!

Remind 101

MOST OF YOU HAVE DONE THIS BUT A FEW HAVE NOT--->Please don't forget to sign up messages via Remind 101. From time to time I will send a text message through remind 101 that will help us both remember things happening in our class and at Rock Prairie! My child's teacher used them last year and as a parent I loved it!!!! So take the time to follow the directions below and you'll be all set!!
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Contact Information

Find our class facebook page and like us so you can follow us and see all the great things we are up too! With parent permission I will post pictures weekly so you can take a peek at the fun things happening in our classroom!