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May 1, 2015

Quote of the Week

“She turned to the sunlight
And shook her yellow head,
And whispered to her neighbor:
"Winter is dead.”

- A.A. Mile, When We Were Very Young

The Good Stuff!

Welcome to MAY!!!

What a great way to end the week! A sunny, warm day on May 1st!! It is refreshing to see the blossoms beginning to "pop" as well.

Thank you for your efforts this week with our students and families. Only 23 more wake ups!

Lets really focus on our strong, positive push to the finish line!

RFC Choir Concert

Congratulations to Renee and her 9th grade Choir students for their AWESOME performance this week! As you know, we have some incredibly talented students at this building. If you forced me to choose, I'd have to say my favorite song they performed was their rendition of "Don't Stop Believing" by the timeless Classic Rock band, Journey. Great song! Great rendition! Great message!

9th Grade Academic Award Ceremony

We had the honor and privilege of recognizing nearly 250 freshmen this week at our Academic Awards Ceremony. These students were extremely cooperative and respectful from the time we met in the Cafeteria for our pre-ceremony organization, to the walk over to the 10-12 Building Auditorium, including the ceremony and ending with the trek back to the FC. It was an AWESOME experience and one of my favorite ceremonies of the school year! Major KUDOS to Jody, Sherry, Deb, Ben and Mike for their herculean efforts. You would be shocked at the amount of planning and organization that takes place prior to this event as well as the coordination while executing this event. It certainly takes a team of people working closely to pull it off.

I feel so fortunate to work in a building that has people that put kids FIRST and are willing to work together to achieve success!!

Staff PD Meeting

We will have Linda Rothenthaler, RPS District Nurse, train us in CPR and First Aid next week Wednesday, May 6th. It will count as one hour of DPPD. We will meet in Room 103 (Thanks Tom!) ASAP after school. Thank you for your attendance!

Rock the Vote

Next week Tuesday (May 5) is the election and everyone is encouraged to practice your right as a productive citizen of the Untied States of America to officially voice your opinion.

Let's ROCK the VOTE!!

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Next Week Events

May 4 - PAC Meeting - 9:00am in RFC LGI

May 5 - BIT Meeting - 2:40pm in Conference Room A

May 5 - VOTE!

May 6 - Staff Appreciation Day!

May 6 - Fire Drill - 9:00am

May 6 - Staff Meeting - 2:40pm in Room 103

May 6 - Technology Pilot Presentation - 3:15pm in RFC Cafeteria

May 8 - Staff Appreciation Grill Out - Lunchtime

Upcoming Events

May 11 - RFC Hosts Board of Education Meeting - 7:30pm at Administration

May 13 - Department Head Meeting - 2:40pm - Place TBD

May 13 - RFC Talent Show - 5:30pm - RFC Cafeteria

May 15 - Friday Breakfast - World Language Department

May 22 - No School

May 25 - Memorial Day - No School

Education Resource

Peer "Influence" vs. Peer "Pressure"

Click the button below to read an interesting article from regarding recent research about Peer Pressure. There are some suggestions on how to help our students and children.

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