Zack Hartman


QUESTION- What is Uruguay's currency? Why is it called that?

ANSWER- The currency is called a Uruguayan peso. It's called that because it has been called that since the early European settlement.


QUESTION- Who did they win their independence from? When did they make Montevideo their capital and why?

ANSWER- They got their independence from the Europeans around 1828. Montevideo became their capital because it helped Uruguay secure their independence.


QUESTION- Do a lot of people farm? If they do why? What do they produce?

ANSWER- Not a lot of people farm. They produce a lot cattle and horses. They produce them because the Spaniards brought the cows and horses over with them.


QUESTION- Why is Uruguay's land shaped how it is? How did it form like that?

ANSWER- The land-shape is a rolling plain. It has rich soil. The narrow Atlantic coast is sandy and marshy. The plains are good for raising cattle.