Be Safe around Electricity!!!

By Ruby Cheng

WELCOME! To my awesome poster on how to be safe around electricity! Below is a list of reasons how to be safe.
No 1: DO NOT STICK ANY CONDUCTOR (such as a fork, knife, e.g) IN YOUR TOASTER. It may be easier, but electricity can run through the fork and electrocute you. You have to make sure you have turned the power OFF AND pull out the switch before a conductor can go in. A conductor is ANYTHING that electricity can go through, such as metal.
No 2: WATER AND ELECTRICITY DO NOT MIX. Water is a conductor, too, and you will be electrocuted if you touch water with electricity in it. That is why you don't go swimming when it is thundering, since there is electricity in lighting.
No 3: TELL YOUR PARENTS IF YOU SEE THE RUBBER OF AN ELECTRIC CORD START TO PEEL OFF. Rubber is not a conductor, so that is why it is wrapped around the common conductor, metal. So if the metal is showing and the object that is attached to the cord is ON, then do not touch it. You will get an electric shock if you do! So remember to tell an adult!
No 4: NEVER PLAY NEAR POWER LINES. Power lines can contain well over 7 000 volts. If you fly your kite into a power line, your kite, since its a conductor, will get electricity through it and will most likely KILL YOU! If your kite starts gliding towards a power line, let go of it. Then ask an adult for help.
No 5: DON'T PLUG HEAPS OF PLUGS INTO ONE EXTENSION CORD. It could damage the electric flow of the circuit, stopping electricity getting to the object you wish to use. But, in worse cases, they could start a fire and it would cause Wire Mayhem! Basically, because of one simple mistake, you could set your house on fire. CALL 000! AHHH! Anyway, remember this rule!
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