The Apache Tribe

By: Nicholas Rishel

Where did the Apache Tribe live?

The Apaches lived in Central Texas, also known as the Great Plains.

What did the Apaches eat?

They ate deer, rabbit, bison, buffalo and ect. They also gathered nuts, berries, fruits, and vegetables.

How did the Apaches get their food?

The Apaches were hunter-gatherers, hunter-gatherers hunt their meat and gather fruits, berries, vegetables, and ect., rather than growing their own food and harvesting it.

What kind of houses did they live in?

They lived in tepees, because they were a nomadic tribe.

What weapons/tools did the apaches use?

The Apaches used weapons such as the war club, tomahawk, the jawbone club, as well as the common bow and arrow. The Apaches also used many tools such as bone tools used for silverware, or stone to make houses, as well as basket crafts to make baskets.

What are the Apache's traditions/ religion?

They believed that supernatural powers existed.

What was the apache's tribe leadership system?

The Cochise was the Apache Cheif, the Geronimo was the Apache war leader, Nana was another Apache Cheif, and the last Apache Cheif was Mangas Coloradas.

Where are the Apaches now?

The Apaches are now in Oklahoma, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas.

Interesting fact

The Apaches were best known for their beautiful baskets.