Party Palooza

By: Kayce Lopez

About the Party Palooza

There is going to be a party for all Chisholm trail 7th graders at the end of the school year to reward them for all of their hard work! During the party the students will get to eat delicious food and get to jump around on a bouncy house!


So far we have finally narrowed down our search for the best and most affordable food for the party. The two companies that we have narrowed it to is Pizza Palace and Burger Bonanza. Pizza Palace costs $9.25 per person with an additional set up fee of $61.25. While Burger Bonanza costs $10 per person with an additional cost of a $20 set up fee. To compare the prices I made a graph and a chart. Once I compare the two companies I can see that overall that the Pizza Palace is better to choose than Burger Bonanza since Pizza Palace is cheaper.

Bounce House

For the party we have also have it narrowed to two bounce house companies, Jumpin' Jack's and Hopin' Around. Jumpin' Jack's costs $52 per hour with an additional set up fee of $84. Hoppin' Around costs $75 per hour with no additional costs or fees. I also made a chart and graph for these two companies to be able to compare their costs and see which is better. The company that I think that we should plan for the party is Jumpin' Jack's because it has better prices as long as we are renting it for more that 4 hours because then if we were going to rent it for less it would be Ho[pin' Around since that company starts out cheaper.


My plan for the 7th grade party is that we get the food from Pizza Palace since once I had looked it over they gave an overall better deal for providing food for the event and so then we could get to save that money for another event. Also, I think that for the bouncy houses that we are going to go with Jumpin' Jack's for the company because they also give us a better deal between the two companies as long as we are going to rent it for more that four hours.