Kobe's Performance

Kobe Senn

About Kobe Senn

Kobe goes to school at discovery middle school and plays 3 sports baseball, football, and basketball and his favorite sports team is the cubs.

Siennicki, Edmund J.

Edmund was born on April 11, 1920 in Cleveland, Ohio. Edmund taught in a public school for more than 30 years. Edmund published many music education journal articles Edmund also written many solos for young performers.


mf- means medium loud.

f- loud.

crescendo- Gets louder.

decrescendo- Gets quieter.

slurs- going from one note to another with note with out taking a breath.


I learned how to play faster with my song. I didn't like his project because I felt like I didn't have enophe time to practice the song but the thing I enjoyed was being able to hang out with my friends while working on the project.


The rooster is a very old song. The song was preformed by a band called Alice in Chains. I like my song because of the beat.