Physical Fitness

What Keeps Us Moving (Get it?)

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Importance of Physical Fitness

  1. It's helps to improve endurance, along with giving you a better heart rate to do more things without getting winded.
  2. it gives you a feeling of self confidence and allows you to feel much better about yourself.
  3. It's gives you and your friends a fun activity to do together, like a team sport or a one-on-on basketball match.

How to Improve Physical Fitness

  1. Run, jog, swim, etc. before each exercise to get blood flowing.
  2. Do short, intense exercises to improve muscular strength and (of course) endurance.
  3. Cool down after each exercise to avoid injuries and muscle cramps.

Examples of Physical Fitness

  • Any team sport requiring running, swimming, etc.
  • Riding a bike, skateboard, or other forms of transportation requiring a large amount of movement.
  • Chores that involve movement such as washing the car or mowing the lawn.
  • Working out at places like the gym or even at home.
  • Taking and participating in Physical Education.