Kathy Mackel

What is it about?

Savvy is an 8th grader with a strong love for the game of basketball, so she trys out for the Fire, the highschool basketball team, while her older sister Callie is on the sidlines cheering and throwing pom pom's. But when steroids are found in Savvy's basketball bag during a tournament, will her basketball career be over?

Where & when does it take place?

Savvy's and her family lived in New Mexico, living off of their father's professional golfing sallery, they had lots of money, but when their father has a devistating back injury they are forced to move in with their Aunt Betty in Rhode Island and start a new life.


This could happen anytime, anywhere and most likely has happened before, so it is realistic fiction.

Review of the book

I loved this book and it probably is my favorite book! I recommend this book for anyone who plays basketball, or has love for the game!
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