Top 10 Things to Know

about Marilyn Monroe

10. FBI Documents

FBI documents accused her of having sex parties with JFK and his Brother Edward, plus members of The Rat Pack

9. Didn't Like Diamonds

She didn't like diamonds. Even though she was famous for singing the song "Diamonds Ara a Girl's best Friend", she wasn't a fan of expensive jewelry. All of her jewelry was in fact costume jewelry with the sole exception of a string of pearls and a diamond ring given to her by Joe DiMaggio, her second husband

8. Playboy's First Sweetheart

She was Playboy's first Sweetheart (later Playmate) of the Month, in 1953. Marilyn had been paid $US50 to model for the picture in 1949; Hugh Hefner bought it for $US500.

7. Flowers on her grave for 20 years

Before her death, Monroe made her husband, Joe DiMaggio, promise that he would leave flowers on her grave every week, if she died. He kept that promise for twenty years and half a dozen roses were delivered to her crypt. Three times a week.

6. Facial Hair Problem

Marilyn Monroe had quite a heavy fuzz beard on her chin, but she refused to remove it. It turned out to be quite useful in her acting career as it meant that the film studios didn't have to resort to any special effects to get that soft glow to her face that was all the rage back then.

5. Made Ella Fitzgerald A Star

Initially, Ella Fitzgerald couldn't get a booking at the Hollywood nightclub, Mocambo, because she was black. Marilyn Monroe stepped in to help and told the nightclub club owner that, if he booked Ella Fitzgerald to play there, then Monroe would be on a front row table every night to watch. Monroe was as good, as her word, and Ella Fitzgerald was catapulted into the limelight.

4. Own Production Company

Marilyn was only the second woman to head her own production company.

3. She Had a Stammer

Monroe had a stutter all the way through her childhood and into her teens, but it disappeared, later on in her life. It returned later in her life during the filming of her final movie, ‘Something’s Got to Give’, because of the stress she was under at the time.

2. Foster Parents

She was placed with 11 sets of foster parents after her mother, Gladys, was institutionalized. She also spent almost a year in the Children's Aid Society Orphanage in Los Angeles.

1. Learning Lines

She found it almost impossible to learn lines, and took 60 takes to deliver the line ''It's me, Sugar'', in Some Like it Hot.


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